The Artist

27 February 2015

The artist hunts for inspiration with a drive to create. In our eyes we constantly search to discover a previously unseen quality in the overlooked. Inspiration can be found in all places, but it is up to the individual to find. Within the walls of a studio, the criticizing murmurs and judging eyes of other people are silenced. It is just the artist and their vision, numbing thoughts of reality through the act of creation. In the studio, the artist is home.

Dawid Bak at Aim Models plays the role of a young artist with comfortable innocence as he is captured by Leila Jacue. Her portraits produce a flow of colour in a fresh and clean manor as red transitions into blue. The clean and crisp light creates a modern home like environment for the young artist as he explains and explores his studio for the viewer. The light is sometimes allowed to blend and blue sections of Dawid, enhancing the artistic air. Jacue creates a flow with Dawid starting the narrative as a welcoming young boy who unfolds into an artist caught in moments of thought.

David Leon directs and styles the portraits with clothes of comfort and tones of surrealism; curious young character with a twisted air about him as he is made into ‘The Arty Boy’. The soft fabrics blend with the home studio and have us believe that Dawid has gone straight from bed to making work.

Above Left: Vest by BURBERRY and Trousers by ZARA.
Abover Right: Jumper by TOPSHOP.

Above: Jumper by TOPSHOP.

Above: Vest by BURBERRY, Trousers by ZARA.

Above: Blazer is VINTAGE.

Above: Shirt by TOPMAN.

Above: Shirt by TOPMAN.

Above: Sweater by TOPSHOP.

Above Left: Trousers by ZARA and Socks by TOPMAN.
Above Right:Vest by BURBERRY and Trousers by ZARA.


Words by Tim Sprague.

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