The 4th Floor - Collectors Issue

13 April 2012

If you are one of our regular visitors (yay you!), you might have noticed our online editorial series "The 4th Floor" already. We are pleased to announce that once we have published all online editorials in this series, these will be available in a "The 4th Floor" collectors issue!

In “The 4th Floor” Cecilie Harris captures selected models in and around her flat in London in an exploration of male adolescence and the real beauty of boys as she sees it. From the insecurities and frustrations of growing up, to an almost untouchable purity and innocence that lives in these boys, Cecilie captures a series of moments in different chapters in this collection of stories.

Although most stories are individual, she also takes the opportunity to explore male closeness in the form of brotherhood and friendships, all presented in beautiful images.

So far we have presented the following chapters:

Chapter 1 - Elliot Stevens
Chapter 2 - Jack & Tom
Chapter 3 - Luke Worrall
Chapter 4 - Mikhael Ayoub

And there are many more to come! We won't spoil the surprise of who else has been shot for it, but keep checking in as we reveal each chapter.

In this feature we share some exclusive behind the scenes images from Chapter 9 with Sim Jennings!

In these images captured by Laura Cammarata, we give you a behind the scenes view of the environment these stories are captured in. In a game of I-spy you will see living room, bedroom, carpark, hallway and roof utilized as locations. The intimate setting helps create just as intimate images.

For those familiar with the contributing Boys by Girls photographer, you'll know that we often use very unfancy settings to work in. We are drawn to capturing what's within and let the beauty of the boy and often the beatiful clothes they showcase take control of the image, rather than anything else.

Above: Cecilie Harris, Lindsey Cash and Stephen Hamilton in full consentration in the hallway.

Images by Laura Cammarata.

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