Teaser: Timothy Kelleher at D1

10 September 2012

Cecilie Harris has photographed Timothy Kelleher (D1 Models) for upcoming Boys by Girls book, "A Place Called Youth," and has shared some exclusive teasers from the day in the polaroids below. Grooming by Elizabeth Rita.

"I'm not gonna lie, I love Timothy Kelleher. Like, with a capital L. Possibly more than I love chocolate. I'd shoot him every day if they'd let me." Cecilie

We are super excited to share his "A Place Called Youth" story as soon as our issue is released, but in the meantime these polaroids should give you a hint of how amazing and stunning Timothy is. With his perfect features and magic eyes, we will be watching this model closely as he continues to make his mark in the fashion world.

Polaroids by Cecilie Harris

Timothy Kelleher_NS1
Timothy Kelleher_NS2
Timothy Kelleher_NS3
Timothy Kelleher_NS4
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