Sonny And The Turtles

6 November 2014

Unstyled hair, unstyled clothes, unstyled location. Hidden behind cheek-cut, unruly hair you can catch only a glimpse of Sonny’s austere features. Perched on the roof of his suburban home, he looks like he has come straight from the 1990s Seattle grunge scene.

Photographer Federica Fioravanti has seemed to capture his uncommon temperament without flaw, using the grainy, black and white blur of film to her advantage; a memorable style. Her photographs looking anti-fashion in the most endearing way possible.

As we delve deeper into his house, unsurprisingly, two small turtles greet us. It seems normal for a boy like Sonny to own turtles; you almost expect it from him. The oldest at 23 years old sweetly follows him around the house. His walls are covered in quite dark, almost technical, paintings and sketches, as he becomes part of his organized mess he tells us he paints as a necessity to express himself. Looking over his art makes you feel as though you’ve stepped into the mind of a complex, misunderstood being.

As he sits on his un-made bed, wearing a slightly comical ‘Jesus Saves’ t-shirt added seamlessly to the series by stylist Francesca Loddo, he seems to personify youth culture. Even after being invited into his most personal spaces you are still left not really knowing anything about him. A mystery never to be solved. He is the perfection within imperfection.

Words by Molly Baker.

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