4 November 2015

Far below the tree tops. Pathways lay, leading to forbidden places. Plains of mystery. Forbidden fruits line the deepest floors. Pacing through the forests carpets. Rushing through the cherry blossom. Overcoming the dark. To the corn fields where the young reside. Shelter from realities. To be forgotten forever - or at least for now.

Nicola Collins transports you to the enchanted surroundings of the Essex countryside. A favourite spot of Willis’ at Select Model Management - a personal haven, living in these untampered terrains. There is sanctuary and shelter in the safe woodland, refuge of realities and a sense of childhood adventures. The abandoned woodland hold stories of the young, faded tales and forgotten myths paintiently waiting to be re-discovered. Locked in the minds of those that imagine.

Nevertheless, Nicola helps aid your imagination, creating a wonderland of allurement. Shooting in black and white and keeping her images in high contrast, Nicola captures Willis’ fairytale locks, framing his angular features beautifully. Groomed is perfected by Kim Kiefer (Frank Agency) using Urban Decay and Bumble & Bumble.

Stylist David Hawkins (Frank Agency) plays with masculine leather jackets, kitsch patterned shirts and 90’s ribbed tank tops. Creating charming results as he mixes pieces from Kit Neale, BLK DNM, and John Varvaratos to add a modern edge to our sort of fairytale.

There is solitude awaiting in the fields.

Above Left: Shirt by BLK DNM.
Above Right: Coat by KIT NEALE, Jeans by BLK DNM.

Above: Jacket by KIT NEALE, Jeans by BLK DNM.

Above Left: As Before.

Above: Jacket by BERTHOLD, Shirt by JOHN VARVATOS, Scarf Stylist’s Own.

Above: Jacket by JOHN VARVATOS, Jeans by BLK DNM.

Above Left: As Before.
Above Right: Leather Jacket by BLK DNM, Vest by BEYOND RETRO.

Above: As Before.


Words by Rosie Williams.

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