28 February 2014
On a warm and sunny day in Los Angeles, US, after a long but beautiful day of castings, Estelle Rancurel was in a thoughtful mood. Meandering through the streets of L.A she began to wind down after the intensity of the day. Streets stretched out alongside the beach, bathed in warm summer lighht. Passing around a corner she saw something interesting in the near distance - Venice Beach Skate Park.
Gliding across the silver concrete was a boy, effortlessly performing tricks against the blue sky. Inspired, Estelle pulled her camera out from the depths of her bag. She spontaneously captured the Skaterboy, with his hair blowing in the evening breeze as he skated through the park.
Estelle is a Paris based photographer, represented by Le Crime. Her work plays with light and landscapes, adding a unique approach to her images. In 'Skaterboy' she uses a spontaneous approach, creating this raw and beautiful series.
Mental note and reminder to all photographers: bring your camera with you wherever you go, for those spontaneous moments we all live for.

Words by Sophie Mayanne

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