Shadow Puppets

22 January 2016

It’s those flashes you spend alone. From the minute your body rises out of the cosy bumps and creases in the morning. Nothing brings you further joy than being wrapped up like a burrito, wriggling into contented ease. Never allowing instincts to take over, leaving you misled from your daily routine. Watching as the light passes through your bedroom window, creating patterns on the wall. Remember the time you performed a shadow puppet show using your hands? Embrace your presence of growing positivity towards the experiences you’ll undergo that day.

Photographer Shaira Luna captures Joland Novaj at RED NYC frolicking and draping his unworried nature over New York’s surroundings. As the backdrop alternates, we are introduced to a fresh scene in contrast to the temperamental vibe of the intensely shadowed indoors. Joland presents an attitude of effortlessness cool, taking charge of his positioning and managing each controlled angle, cultivating an air of disinterest to the world.

Stylist Izzy Tuason plays with textures and silhouette all by Boyswear NYC. From a simple white tee tucked in flared trousers, to glimpses of leather jackets stripped bare underneath.

“If you ever start taking life too seriously, remember that you are a talking monkey flying through the universe on an organic spaceship."


Words by Vilija Kasiginaite.

Joland_Shaira Luna11
Joland_Shaira Luna2
Joland_Shaira Luna3
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Joland_Shaira Luna5
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