Self Portraits By Wyatt

24 January 2014

Sometimes I miss Wyatt, the sensitive boy from Montana, US, that spent the summer in London enriching my life with his gentle soul and being part of the Boys by Girls team. Hours was spent talking about photography, drinking white wine and looking at the stars from the rooftop. These are good memories to treasure during the typical hours of overfilled email accounts, constant stream of information, and ambitious expectations of everyday life.

Wyatt McCollum is a photographer, and one of his passions lies in self portraiture. With a poetic and often conseptual approach, he has the ability to create the most beautiful images. Taken of himself, by himself. Obviously. During his two months in London (his first time travelling outside of the US) he captured a series of self portraits, reflecting his experience and state of mind, and I'm delighted to be able to share some of my favorite ones of this series below. As one of our "boys", this is an angle of photography I am eager to share, and interested in exploring more.

Equipped with our iphones, carrying a camera around with us at all times, aren't we all in effect photographers? And isn't the "selfie" the modern day version of the traditional self portrait? This may be the case. But I find it interesting to look at and highlight the art of the self portrait, with images created by people who have really perfected the art of the trade. Self portraits created into a piece of art, capturing beautiful imagery from their every day life, or as visions into their mind and soul.

Sometimes the universe takes you places you didn't expect. Those are the moments to be embraced.

Thank you Wyatt for the picnics, the sunsets and for all the inspiration. There will always be photos, stories to tell and plan B.

Words by Cecilie Harris.

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