Sean Joseph Young

4 April 2016
Happiness can take many forms. It can come from sun-rays making a break through the crowds, the perfect matcha latte, or something as simple as a 'thank you'. But what is true happiness? For actor, producer and writer Sean Joseph Young, it is that special someone just a text away, that laughs at his funny little jokes and loves him just as much as he loves them. Any takers?
Tired of waiting around for agents to provide acting work for him, Sean took matters into his own hands. 'Two Housemates' is an exclusive Youtube web series starring Sean himself alongside a fabulous team of co-stars. Entering its second series on the 14th April, Sean begins to uncover the trials and tribulations of each individual character and their relationship with others. By experimenting with the voice of the show of which he screenwrites, directs and produces, 'Two Housemates' grows from strength to strength with every episode. Revisit our last feature with Sean to prepare yourself for comedic entertainment and pure creative genius, as this bundle of laughs continues to practice his witty tongue and awkward charm.
Sean is no stranger to Boys by Girls. Six years from his initial meet with the Editor in Chief, Cecilie Harris, the eccentric storyteller has journeyed with the magazine progressing levelly alongside. A contagious laugh and a winning smile, he joins the honorable team of boys captured at home.
Drake's 'Hotline Bling' hums away in the background as the interview takes place. Fingers dance around his luscious, newly grown out hair, as Sophie Mayanne photographs Sean in his natural habitat. Instructed to crawl, jump and touch his toes, it's a casual shoot with Sophie, but not the usual interview. This is the first time both editors have come together to interview one of the boys. As Sean lounges in a dinosaur ridden T-shirt, the soft, diffused light highlights his beauty, and his effulgent personality forever lingers.
True happiness comes along only every now and then, but once you've had a sip, it warms you better than your favourite liquor. Seeping into your veins, it's no longer your blood alone that pumps the heart full of life. Nurture it. Truly take care of it.
Cecilie: Heyy
Hello! Do you want me to make this as complicated as possible for the people that have to transcribe this?
Sophie: Yes.
Cecilie: Do you want to introduce yourself?
No, I'm that mystery man. Joking, I'm Sean, how are you doing?
Sophie: What does Sean do? Why does Sean have long hair?
Cecilie: I thought this was my interview?
It's fine, you can just turn this into a podcast.
Cecilie: I had a special start for this and everything!
Did you?!
Cecilie: No, I tend not to plan interviews too much and go with what feels right in the moment.
Sophie: But she does genuinely want to know why you have long hair.
Well it all started when I was seven... Haha no no no, we just finished filming 'Two Housemates' - yeah, I'm going to plug it straight away - on We just finished filming and I thought I would have to keep my hair the same height for continuity. Three months passed and my hair just got really long and it was no longer in continuity at all. Then I didn't have to reshoot anything that required my face - which is always good news, so I kind of just kept it this way. That's the epic story of my hair.
Cecilie: Is the long hair popular with the ladies?
It seems to work yeah! I get a lot of: "OO THAT'S NICE HAIR!" and the more normal ones like: "I like it long", not that it reminds me of a rainbow or anything.
Sophie: Do you do a bit of a hair swish?
I do a bit of a hair swish sometimes. I then laugh afterwards about the ridiculousness of the move.
Cecilie: You were quite hair touchy today.
I was a bit, mouth touchy too. Well, when Sophie says, "do something with your hands", I know it requires something within the frame. So it's either going to be hair or face, so I went with hair.
Sophie: It could be air.
Cecilie: It could be pulling things from the air.
Ahh so you're saying I should have done mime?
Cecilie: You're not a stranger to Boys by Girls, I figured out that I've known you for six years.
Shit, too long. We've got to stop speaking for four years and then I'll email you like "oh hasn't time passed." I'll actually put it in my calender. Or have a reunion. Six years, Jesus. Some would say I'm a Boys by Girls veteran.
Cecilie: This is the first time for Boys by Girls that I haven't shot you, how was shooting with Sophie?
Fun, really fun! It's always nice to see how somebody works, finding out how a person ticks. I instantly knew how Sophie worked, because of her hand gestures. They were all bordering on 'fuck off', and I loved it. It's always good fun to play around with different processes of working. Me and you can always have more fun, because what I usually do is take the piss out of a situation and then do it.
Cecilie: You have to get the joke out.
Yeah, joke first then I'll do it. See I can do that with you, but I can't really do it with Sophie. She's just like "AH FOR FUCK SAKE, C'MON SEAN DO, THE THING I'VE ASKED YOU TO!" But it's good to find her level, I've had fun Sophie; dinner was good, dessert was great, I'd give tonight a six out of ten. Come Dine With Me.
Sophie: I don't see where that was relevant.
It's funny! We're all having fun here.
Sophie: I'm never going to cook for you, I don't cook at all. Although I did cook vegetables this week.
Cecilie: She had to tweet about it, Instagram about it, Facebook it...
How did that go?
Sophie: I just had to scream about vegetables. People genuinely read my tweets for LOLs, a few close friends go on it to make them feel better about life.
You need new friends; more supportive ones. If you want to talk about vegetables, you talk about vegetables. You need your space to talk about vegetables. Which one's your favourite?
Sophie: Maybe a mushroom.
Is mushroom a vegetable?
Sophie: Yes it is. It comes in the vegetable aisle in the supermarket.
Cecilie: That is a good point actually.
Is it not a fruit?
Sophie: No it's fungal.
Cecilie: I feel we should go back to my questions. What did Sophie make you do today?
I got in a wheelbarrow, touched some ceilings, climbed some trees - you know, the usual really. I played her some sweet songs. I'd do it right now, but there's a lawsuit preventing me from doing so and I'm being recorded. I also defied gravity in a bush, which will debut in my next short film.
Cecilie: Last time we featured you we spoke about the first season of 'Two Housemates'. Talk about season two.
Oh, my series! It's on YouTube. The apocalypse has happened. Zombie survival. Everyone's going crazy, there is fire everywhere. Kate and Ryan both have to survive in the wilderness.
Cecilie: Are you joking?
Yes. That would be quite the turn.
Sophie: Somebody did an apocalypse TV series last year called 'You, Me and The Apocalypse'.
Oh, that's the one that was on Sky Atlantic, or Sky 1. I know exactly which one you mean, where Rob Lowe was a priest... anyway, back to my show. Season one was all about finding out what we could really achieve as a team. We've grown from strength to strength and Season two still focuses on friendship and developing those friendships and other relationships, but with some added complications. Ryan has a girlfriend now, and we're finding out whether they actually need each other or not. Sometimes life doesn't go the way you want it or expect it to, so that's why everyone was so surprised that they didn't get together in the end. We were playing with the idea of being unsuccessful - something I can relate to - while it being comedic and fun. I've watched a lot of Louis C.K. and related to that quite a lot. I've also taken on board a lot more Woody Allen influences. I'm playing with the voice of 'Two Housemates' more in this second season, and I like to think it works - but that's because I'm an optimist. I'm feeling really good about it!
Cecilie: We spoke about how you're quite new to Youtube?
I've gotten to the point where I can say I'm new-ish, you know, because everyone else has been around for five to six years, eight years some. I've been here for about two, I've done it actively for about one.
Cecilie: How do you feel the first series was received?
Very well! Everyone is polite, which is the kind of audience I like, really positive. It gave us more motivation to do another one and aim higher. The last thing you ever want to do is be lazy with something you love. When you find out someone else really enjoys what you're doing, it gives you more of a push to expand your thinking and do better. If you're not improving every time, then what's the point of doing things?
Cecilie: I've heard you've got some new people involved in this series?
Yeah I've got some new people: Chris Kendall Crabstickz, Hazel Hayes, Mandeep Dillan's involved as well, she's going to be in the new David Brent film too. Some great names, and more importantly, people I really like. I love this cast and I feel the vision for 'Two Housemates' was really met.
Cecilie: Have you got any fun, behind-the-scenes gossip stories?
Not that I can say while being recorded. Well, there's a bit where the person who plays my girlfriend, Beccy Day, snores weirdly. This is probably a bit of a spoiler, but she snores weirdly. On her first day, she had to do loads of traumatic stuff, like get in the bath with me. The show isn't sexual whatsoever. I think the most sexual season one got was me in the shower, and with this second series I wanted to take all sexuality out of it and make it incredibly normal grounded.
Cecilie: But you get in the bath with a girl?
Yeah, but it's deliciously awkward. The bath we shot in is so small; it's also one of those where on one side it looks quite relaxing, and on the other side it has the taps, plugs and the shower shield that makes it really uncomfortable. I like that idea of her being super relaxed and my character being really uncomfortable with the situation. That was on her first day, and she had to do sexual moans.
Cecilie: How many times did you interrupt by laughing?
Oh loads! Not as much as the first series I've got to admit. Whenever I work with Tim Lawrence, I can't help but corpse - this is when you laugh during the take. He's very funny, but I can't help laughing at him. With him. Emphasis on 'with'. I always corpse loads, I can't help it.
Cecilie: What other things do people have to look forward to in season two?
The relationships, the wide variety of humour, the performances from some wonderful people, the guest cameos that I haven't yet revealed. Loads and loads of surprises, loads of silly jokes, loads of fun jokes and loads of dark jokes. There's a lot to look forward in the six episodes - it's a fun show.
Cecilie: Why have you got a gorilla in the garden?
Well, mum and I are in love with orangutans. We bloody love orangutans.
Sophie: There's actually orangutans on the TV right now.
Cecilie: Oh yeah, that's not even a lie.
They're not orangutans. They're dancing and singing. How did they train them?
Silence as everyone watches the dancing and singing orangutans.
Cecilie: Hey Sean, we photographed you at home today.
Yep, in my natural habitat. It's both an honour, and a privilege to be a part of the Boys at Home project. I thought it would be deeply uncomfortable and that I'd reveal too much. I'm quite a private person really. But I've been naturally quite uncomfortable here today.
Cecilie: You made good cups of tea.
Thank you! I try my best, I don't like my own cups of tea, but I'm glad other people do. I went on Tinder recently and I found that most people I had swiped right were blonde and blue eyed, so apparently I have a type. If you could find me a date, that would be great. I think that's the one thing that's missing from my life. True happiness - that'd be great.
Cecilie: What things would bring you true happiness?
I'd love to live on my own, I'd love to work more, acting and writing-wise. I'd love to feel the sense of importance within my own industry - that'd be great. And just somebody that I can constantly text and send stupid jokes to.
Sophie: You could make a dating profile.
I've got several.
Sophie: I made one this week and I messaged a load of people Adele lyrics. The worst chat up line I got was: "do you have Ebola? Because your eyes are bleedin' gorgeous."
I got: "you look like Jennifer Lawrence" and "can I sit on your face?" What happened to "hello, how are you?"
Sophie: Well I said, "hello, it's me" and somebody said: "I'd like to bend you over."
Right, well that's not the lyrics.
Cecilie: Well this interview took a slight turn.

Season two of "Two Housemates" aires on 7th of April.

Words by Savannah Liu.
Interview by Cecilie Harris and Sophie Mayanne.

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