Seafret For Issue 9

3 December 2015

"Do you want me to get naked yet? No Jack, this is a fashion shoot."

The ice is immediately broken as the Boys by Girls team meet Jack and Harry, boys of UK duo Seafret, for Issue 9 “Growing Sideways at their studio in Fulham. After being serenaded with Harry's impressive acoustic guitar sounds that reaches deep into your veins and Jack's stunning vocals, the new obsession with this band is imprinted in our DNA. From an addiction of their songs on Spotify, to a personal live concert just for us in their cosy studio, Cecilie Harris and David Nolan settles in with the boys for today to capture them in a music diary feature for the latest issue.

Tune into the catchy sounds of the quirky acoustic duo, which takes form through Bridlington friends Jack Sedman and Harry Draper. Chilled, grounded and super fun to be around, the boys had the BBG team intrigued by beautiful stories of the ocean, wine, and how they first met. All is revealed to you in their issue 9 story. As adventures of love, distance and separation, as well as ginger afros unravel, Cecilie highlights the connection between friends and musicians in raw and candid images. David Nolan keeps styling relaxed, with clothing true to the bands heart.

Gripped by the sounds and stories, you'll never want to leave. When a connection is made, time is never enough. To see more than the brief preview below, you can experience Seafret’s full feature and interview in the brand new Boys by Girls Issue 9, which is in stores and online now.

Photography and Words CECILIE HARRIS
Photography Assistants FRASER STANNAGE and KATY THOMAS
Special thanks to the Rose Fulham.

Intro by Rosie Williams.

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