Sea. Sky. Land. Wood.

13 May 2021

We remember to step outside. The air feels lighter out here. The same air that sat tight in your chest like anxiety, crushing and caving and cold-sweating your palms one moment ago now caresses you. Holds you. Dance with it and through it. Run directly into it. Look up. It's magnificent. And endless and terrifying, in all the best ways.

Look down. Feel the solid rocks and earth and mud and sand beneath you. It holds you. It will always hold you. Look out. At the sea. Find a shoreline and don't let go of it. When shelter can't be found in shorelines, find any body of water. Calmness resides there. Liquid holds emotion, like the salt held by your tears. Look closely. Circular tales told in wooden cores. Trace the bark with your fingertips, layers unpeeled, and wonder at how many secrets we each hold.

Remember to step outside. The air feels lighter out here.

Sending love to each of our readers this Mental Health Awareness Week.

More information on the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week, and tips for connecting with nature can all be found here.


Visuals by Rafiif Alnabiil


Visual by Allegra Messina


Visuals by Cecilie Harris

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