Scouting With Next Models

3 September 2013

During the Sundown Music Festival this last weekend we had the opportunity to hang with the lovely team at Next Models, who took us around the festival as they were scouting for boys and girls for their model boards. Lucky us! And lucky you, as we get to share some of our experience and what it takes to find the next top model of tomorrow.

Walking around the festival site over the weekend Next Models had helpful fans to give away to festival goers to help them stay nice and cool in the summer heat, and several boys and girls were stopped for a chat with the team.

So what does it take to become a top model - what do model scouts look for?

  • The right height: Girls over 5.8 and boys over 6.0
  • A good body and shape to fit into designer clothes for the catwalk, lookbooks and campaigns
  • Personality is key!
  • Beautiful facial features
  • A natural confidence

Are you one of those people? Then you could be the next person to be discovered by a model agency. Imagine yourself on those billboards and in magazines. Yes, we're right there with you.

The ability to connect with the camera and the story that the photographer is shooting is also key. We know that we love working with models who know how to tell a story through their movements and facial expressions. Come with us on our day of scouting through the image series below.

Words and Images by Cecilie Harris.

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