School Portraits in “Lessons”

18 November 2013

At some point most of us thinks about how it would be super cool to be able to travel back in time. Photographer Georgie Wileman takes us back in time with a portrait series inspired by old fashion school portraits. You remember those right? And although our old memories include bad colour combinations, braces and poor haircuts, Georgie and stylist Nickque Patterson team up to create a perfect version of the school portrait tradition, with the help of some seriously cool boys.

With our fifth issue theme of "Lessons", it is all about telling stories of growing up and the lessons you learn along the way. There isn't a more influential time in your life than your years in school. You are experiencing changes in yourself, what you like (or dislike), and growing your own voice to use in the world. You experience all this while avoiding being pushed in the hallway and sitting at the good table in the lunch room. You shortly realize the journey of self discovery you are on whilst walking the big scary hallways with a backpack full of books, and a nervous yet eager mind.

Playing on the idea of old school portraits, Nickque styled the boys in retro fashion with a modern twist. The stylist brings traditional and classic school boy portraits with classic designers Paul Costelloe and Penfield, then contrasts them with youthful designs by Christopher Shannon and Bedwin & the Heartbreakers. Having the traditional designs mixed in with quirky and modern clothing creates an interesting depth to the images with a modern twist to the old school portrait. The updated style is brought in by some seriously trendy boys; Sylvester (FM), Greg (Select), Jack (Next) and Paul (Select). Perfectly playing the role of a proper school boy, they stare into the lens with blank expressions and that classic and straight forward school portrait pose (along with some pretty sweet 80's hair-do's by John Mullan). Georgie told us that there was a lot of fun had, as Boys by Girls played with the yearbook theme. If you have pressed rewind too many times watching "Back to the Future", get your time machine fix with these exclusive school portraits found in our latest issue, "Lessons"

Below we spoil you with previews of two of our school boys, Sylvester and Greg. With Greg portraying the innocent and sincere boy, Danish model Sylvester brings strength as he showcases his Sunday side. Georgie manages to portray a bit of a different side to the usually edgy and quirky Sylvester, further showcasing his talents and strengths as a model. The boys in this preview, along with the rest in this series, is another reason you should get yourself a copy of the issue!

Hair: JOHN MULLAN at Nude Agency for Stone Hair
Make-up: CRYSTABEL RILEY at Stella Creative using Jurlique
Hair Assistant: SONGI HONG
Models: GREG (Select Models)
JACK (Next London)
PAUL (Select Models)

Words by: Wyatt McCollum.

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