Scents and Senses

6 May 2020

Illustrations Joshua Tarn
Words Nathan Henry

As the weeks wander and we're still stuck in lockdown, our imagination is getting pushed to new limits. After our recent The Birds will Inherit the Earth feature, we felt inspired to share another collage treat with you in collaboration with artist Joshua Tarn. In the current circumstances, it can be tempting to feel the urge to want to escape reality, so helping you do that a second time, we wanted to focus on fragrances. Whether you're a dreamer or like to sit and reminisce on days gone by, fragrances have always had the power to take your mind to another world. Playing with myths and legends, scents and senses, Joshua and Nathan would like to take you on an unexpected voyage.

Standing high on a pedestal, CK Everyone is the bastion of everything holy at Mount Olympus. The air filled with the fresh scents of nature: oranges and cedarwood. This is a fragrance fit for the great.

For those who like to drift even further into the imagination, Coach For Men evokes a sense of warm familiarity with herbal offerings. Cardamom, geranium and a sprinkle of bergamot equip the senses with enough optimism to take on anything.

Under the cover of night, we stumble across Prada, Cargo De Nuit. Drops of musk meets the senses and a familiar scent of minerals arise. One not for the faint-hearted.

Gucci, Memorie sets you up to discover a lost city. Down below, the deep ocean releases notes of hidden musks, Roman chamomiles and Indian Coral Jasmine to the surface. This ancient elixir once loved by many reunites memories of the past.

Swimming through different waves of lemon caviar, the allure of rosewood and a crack of grey amber through the night's sky, you'll stumble across Jimmy Choo, Urban Hero. A confident scent for a mysterious man.

If a world of forest spirits and luscious greenery is more your cup of tea, we invite you to enter the glade with Commes Des Garçons, Amazing Green. Explore the concoction of palm leaves, green pepper and that fresh dew mist in this elegant fragrance that unites you with nature.

For that warm feeling in your heart, step inside the echoing halls of a forbidden palace to find MMM Replica, By the Fireplace. Follow the scent of deep roasted chestnut and chord of woodland along the empty chambers to a place of comfort that will never leave you lonely.

Whilst the excitement of adventure may appear, the scent of a fragrance has the power to awaken the senses further and truly take you there.


CK, Everyone


Coach, For Men


Prada, Cargo De Nuit


Gucci, Memorie


Jimmy Choo, Urban Hero


Comme Des Garçons, Amazing Green


Margiela, By The Fireplace

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