Sander For Issue 7

6 January 2015

Sander is a fluid sculpture, someone that has the power of grace, his movements flowing from one to the other. Fluid and beautiful until his feet find a spot ; then he stills, arms solid, a sculpture in every detail carved for the position he has assumed. His movements beckon the music he dances to, his stillness is silence, his movement is sound.

‘Somewhere in Covent Garden if you look up you’ll see some of the world's best ballet dancers looking down at you.’

Somewhat detached from the world at a great height part of the Royal Opera House, Sander looks down towards the city and people who’s lives are zig-zag lines of disorganized thought. Their likeness the opposite to this boy who’s hair, body and way of movement all have an air of discipline to them. Although we will never be able to tell you about all of the 18 years Sander has spent moving, dancing and training, we have captured a glimpse of where Sander is most at home and what the motion of his world looks like inside Boys by Girls Issue 7. Photographed by Cecilie Harris the images hold their fluidity, even as they are tied down to paper.

‘On stage its just you and the music…I think being able to lose yourself is the most important thing. ‘ - Sander

If you enjoyed this preview and want to continue to get lost in this Royal Ballet boy's beauty and story, you can buy a copy of Issue 7, "Obsessions" now in shops or via our website here for the full print feature.

Phototgrapher CECILIE HARRIS

Words by Liz Ord .

1a Sander
1a Sander2
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