Sand Dunes Of Le Touquet

5 August 2015

‘I want to tell a story about the place where we forget the big city life and enjoy the journey, where we can chill out, take in the air and enjoy this freedom.’

That warm feeling of the summer heat against your back. The sand that falls wistfully inbetween your toes. The salty air that whips your hair from side to side, and the waves that crash simultaneously against the rocks. Music to your ears among the silence of the sand. There are moments when you can just embrace freedom. Moments where you are simply just being you.

Photographer Olga Vlady intimately captures model Victor Darleguy at Elite Model Management Paris amongst the sand scenes of Le Touquet Beach in Paris. As the day unfolds, Olga effortlessly uncovers Victor’s youth and playful personality. Raw, organic frames make us feel as if the sand surrounds us too - that we too are simply letting go and running sideways through the beach. As Victor cartwheels his way through the day, his boyish charm is one that becomes endearing and slightly addictive, as you get tempted to pull out the picnic blanket and run as fast as you can on the beach too.

Words by Katy Thomas.

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