Sam Alexander For Issue 6

30 May 2014

"All children, except one, grow up." - From Peter Pan, J.M Barrie

We quickly learned that Sam Alexander at Established Models was somewhat special. He is a super handsome model, has hair to envy, plays the guitar and is an artist - a drawer/painter to be more precise. BBG invited him to collaborate on our 6th issue "The Boys By Girls", which gave birth to an art piece on the inside back cover of the magazine. The boy who doesn't want to grow up, as he describes himself, has drawn his self-portrait as a child (maybe the one he wishes he still was) taking a polaroid camera for a walk. Get a copy of our recent issue to see.

In Cecilie Harris' instant analogue series of Sam (special thanks to Impossible), we see Sam in an intimate portrait series in a minimalist atmosphere. You can feel the trust and complicity between the photographer and the model, as Sam dares to show his stuck in transision emotions through the images.

Wearing all clothing by Topman, the styling plays with the ambiguity of child's uniform and grown up suit (randomly he also told us he loves to draw business men in suits).

Make sure to get your copy of the 6th issue of Boys By Girls untitled "The Truth About Boys" here if you want to see more of Sam. We also have an upcoming BBG Presents feature on Sam with a video interview coming up where he talks more in depth about his art and why he doesn't want to grow up.


Words by Maxime Anselin.
Special thanks to Impossible.

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