S Is For Sam

14 October 2015

This boy is called Sam.

His hair shades his face, his limbs hang by his sides swaying ever so slightly. There is an air of familiarity to his eyes, a childhood friend who's name you can't quite remember, but a face you would know on any street.

'Where do I know you from?' is the question that lingers. Your eyes look at the clothes. The flairs and the textures Alexandra Peters designed, and stylist Jamie-Maree Shipton thoughtfully picked out for him. The oversized cloth that embodies Sam before your eyes. Hair and skin made perfect by Tara Lama.

He treads the ground softly in leather clad Doc Martens. You can hear the distant sound of a boy shouting 'Race you' as your feet scatter to run. You look look at the Scene Model who is slowing his movements for Katherine Boyle to capture them in the rhythmic motion of a shutter speed. His clothes still baggy, eyes still wide.

This boy is called Sam, you know his name now, even if you never did know his face.

All clothing by Alexander Peters.
Words by Liz Ord.

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