Running Free

1 October 2015

The contemporary boy of today is full of unique talents and passions. Little quirks that embody personality, every boy individual. From the love of music and writing to the appreciation of art and film. We take a break from the hustle and bustle of Paris to explore Florentin's story and discover a bit more behind the face and his own clothing brand.

Photographer Olga Vlady captures Florentin Glemarec at Elite Paris with his friends in the streets and backstage flurry of fashion meanderies, taking a peek into Florentin’s story and uncovering his passion of clothes. Olga joins the boys as they bounce around the court in boyish ways, lie on the cold ground for a little to take in a few streaks of sunlight and take a few moments to be still. Still and free in Paris.

Florentin has that kind of natural grace in his eyes, gestures and a great sense of style that makes him look elegant in whatever he wears, whether it is a classic suit or a cotton sailor shirt. He is a funny, down to earth and a straight up cool guy. It doesn't surprise us that he has already taken his fashion brand ‘ICOSAE’ so far despite only being 19 years old.

‘When I learned that he was a designer. I was so impressed, but not surprised, as you can expect this from him inspite of knowing that he is only 19 years old. I'm very glad that I know this talented boy. Florentin is full of ideas that provide inspiration.’

Words by Katy Thomas.

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