Robbie Mckinnon For Issue 7

22 December 2014

With an obsession of the sound of rain, the moon and German cuisine we introduce Robbie McKinnon further. Completely un-phased by the camera, Robbie moves naturally and delicately through his home. He is modestly opinionated and shares with us some of his "obsessions". He’s all about meanings; meaningful words, meaningful tattoos, meaningful stories. As he almost preaches to us, his mouth is fixed in that gorgeous, memorable frown position.

Photographer and Editor-in-Chief Cecilie Harris photographs Robbie for Issue 7 in a way you wouldn’t expect to see him. He has an outgoing personality that would only belong to one of those numbingly cool boys in your class at school. Cecilie specifically focuses on the side of him that is never usually seen – the self-proclaimed loner.

“I went to college and knew no one and just sat at the back of the classroom and put my headphones in. I didn’t speak to anyone ever. I was such a loner, bless me.”

Focusing on the intimate moments he spends when he is alone, creates an air of mystery to this charismatic boy. To see more than what this issue 7 preview beholds in his 8-page intimate set of images, the print issue feature follows Robbie around his home where you can see him at his most tranquil; be it sitting in his smoking spot slowly pulling on a cigarette or playing Harry Potter with sticks in his garden. David Nolan styles Robbie in a mixture of beautiful brands such as Saint Laurent and Paul smith, mixing in a vintage feel with pieces from The Vintage Showroom, playing ode to Robbie's Hollywood charm.

To learn more about Robbie’s charming world and the more private side of his personality, you can pick up a copy of Issue 7: Obsessions, which is out now in shops. Or for all you internet lovers, you can also purchase it via our website here.

Model ROBBIE at SUPA Model Management

Words by Molly Baker.

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