Ripples Of Summer

26 August 2016

There’s a certain energy to be found in the sea; a balance of power and humility that results in a tranquil state. It is at our peril that we forget its ferocious potential, but treat it with respect - and you may caress the water’s surface, as it returns your gentle touch. You sit on your rowing boat, resting your eyes as the water gently tugs at your fingertips, sunrays beating down on the skin. It is at this point you discover those moments to think about everything and nothing all at once. A breeze skips over the sea, stroking every hair on your skin, as it carries your mind to a distant land; leaving only a gentle smile on your face. Finally, when the sun begins to set, you open your eyes to the welcomed shadow reaching out to you. Ferocious or tranquil, you are prepared for what the water may bring tomorrow.

Vasiliy Pimenov at Name Management takes his spirit from the sea that he once called home. In the chaos of Ukraine, he is able to find balance. “When you concentrate on the things that are really important to you and don’t pay attention to destructive thoughts, you can see the sea, clear and calm.” Photographer Julia Romanovskaya captures his clear visioned and calm spirit in this poetic portrait series. In the glow of the summer, the shadow of the trees and behind the scarf’s veil, Julia finds Vasily’s serenity.

Dressed in Acne, Vasiliy stands among the delicate shadows, averting his eyes from the shot and away from the beaming sun. Head to toe in vintage styles, which bring out the comfortable attitude he has found in an attempt to be free from destruction. Then, wearing A.P.C pants and a playful vintage scarf, the images evoke a young boy running through the open space, as the summer days pass by. Let's run towards the ocean.

Words by Joe Shields.

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