Releasing The Artist Within

26 September 2014

Sometimes you just need to create. This feature is for photographers, models and anyone with an artistic eye or desire to create. As creatives, we are at our happiest when we get to create something - explore and play with the medium of our choice.

Sam Alexander (Established Models) is a model, an illustrator and an artist. In addition to his modelling, he is now going into his second year of illustration studies. His curiosity to explore the world around him and express himself creatively is something that comes very natural to him.

I started working with Sam a few months back, shooting him for current issue 6 as well as capturing him for the upcoming Boys by Girls issue. Once you have worked with someone a few times, everything starts to flow really easy. If it clicks it enables you to capture things that would be difficult to capture if you didn't know each other's likes, moves, and there was trust. It allows you to truly express yourself.

Combining his modelling with his artistic side, I gave Sam the space to express himself freely. A creative release if you like. Those unplanned shoots that simply happens in the moment.

I am photographing Sam on a regular basis over the next three years. This is a great opportunity to mention this project. Before we have a proper name we are calling it Project Sam (see what we did there?). The project will document Sam's journey as a person, artist and illustrator over the next there years. Inspired by recent movie "Boyshood" this is our slightly shorter version of documenting a personal journey from adolescence into adulthood. Those who are interested can follow Cecilie's instagram for regular updates.

Words and Photos by Cecilie Harris.

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