Reaching Past Forever

3 September 2015

The harsh heat beating down. The lingering smell of freshly cut grass. Burnt out BBQ's, lost trainers and the feeling you have of being invincible. Those are the days of summer in the city. Skating through cobbled London streets, collecting moments and memories you’ll forever hold on to. But as the long hours wind down, long summer days are no longer, and we’re left searching for summer. Looking for that glimmer of hope. That feeling of undefined invincibility again.

Photographer Sophie Mayanne gives us hope with this beautiful series of raw images, to true form. Capturing Dylan at Milk Model Management, the photographs are natural, as if captured off-guard by friends. The black and white results disconnect us from our realities, transporting us to those summer memories. Recapturing fonder times.

Stylist Bükre Pohle keeps things relaxed and understated, with offerings from Alpine Stars and Quiksilver. Perfectly complementing the relaxed vibe of the photographs and the key pieces you live in across the summer months. It’s memories like these that have us searching for summer, reaching past the blue skies and towards forever.

Above Left: T-Shirt and Jacket by ALPINESTARS, Shorts by QUIKSILVER.
Above Right: Shirt by ALPINESTARS.

Above Left: Hat by ALPINESTARS.
Above Right: T-Shirt and Jacket by ALPINESTARS, Shorts by QUIKSILVER.

Above: T-Shirt by ALPINESTARS.

Above: Shirt by ALPINESTARS.

Above: Jacket by QUIKSILVER.


Words by Rosie Williams.

Dylan Milk1
Dylan Milk2
Dylan Milk3
Dylan Milk4
Dylan Milk5
Dylan Milk6
Dylan Milk7
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