Racer Kids

20 February 2015

Adrenaline heart. Thick skin. Racing mind. When a hand reaches for the wheel and the engine awakes, then the racer kid is born. Thrill. Rush. Warp. A fire is lit and sensibility is replaced by the uncontrollable desire to go faster and further than anyone; be the strongest wave in the sea, be the ultimate force. The storm of greatness controls everything, but what happens when the engine stops? Crash. Breathe. Stop. The adrenaline heart beats become slow, waiting for the moment that the fire is lit again.

At the heart of the Manchester racing scene, Eliza Maciejewska documents the thrilling buzz of Trafford Park. In this unique series, we see an intimate view of youth’s obsession with adrenaline. As part of the racing scene, Maciejewska intensively explores the place, people, and herself over the space of three weeks. The nostalgia of film photography compliments the night time fantasy as we are transported into the rush of the scene. We are brought into the experience through the luminous lights of speed created through the jolt of the camera. Personality of a racer; while we see the thrills and adrenaline we also see the quiet moments that happen when the engine stops and the body slows down. A buzz is still in the ear and lights are still flashing past the eyes.

Out on the open road friendships are made and rivalries are formed. It’s an automotive playground. Everyone has an engine that’s attempting to outrun something else.

We are all racer kids.

Words by Tim Sprague.

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