Primo Baker For APCY

28 January 2013

Today we spoil you with a preview of Cecilie Harris’ editorial with Primo Baker at Premier Models for our 4th Boys by Girls issue, ‘A Place Called Youth’. We previously posted a beautiful video filmed by Cecilie during the shoot that captures a whole other side to the lovely primo.

The editorial title ‘Make Us Human’ plays on the stories we hear from the boys we shoot on their personal experiences as male models in the fashion industry. Everybody has their views on models, and we like to remember and point out that although often talked about and looked at on billboards and catwalks, at the end of the day they are just like everyone else. They go through the same lessons and struggles, and have their own pressures to deal with. A models journey can be very unique and exciting, and often the boys need to grow up quickly as they are left to face the world in a different way than other boys their age.

Leaving behind theatricalities that often come hand in hand with fashion, this 6 -page editorial shows us the real 17 year-old Primo. He’s a proper charmer and we totally adore him! Sporting his own clothes and his dad's clothes in his very own Primo way, his ice cream underwear was definitely our favorite. Yup, you heard us right about the underwear.

If you haven’t yet got your hands on an issue of ‘A Place Called Youth’ then get on it and find out more about stockists here. Alternatively you can order from our online shop here.

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