Portraits Of Siyon

13 August 2014

You wouldn’t have known, but for this high school boy it was his first time in front of the camera. In a studio in Mainz, Germany, it was the start of his new career. Photographer Claudia Wycisk captured the fresh face of 17-year-old Siyon in a captivating collection of portraits. He is so fresh in fact that he is yet to be signed. Boys by Girls loves showcasing young model talent. So agencies, here's one up for grabs.

Shot in studio with make up artist Esther Foster, this collection of photographs are simple and rather beautiful. It takes you through the many different styles and diverse faces that Siyon incases within his look. From young, preppy boy in his polka dot shirt and bow tie, to a rock star's son in his baggy white tee.

Siyon’s jet-black hair angular features create a picture perfect face. His strong look is definitely influenced by his origins. With parents from Korea and Germany, Siyon’s form is a beautiful fusion of both countries, making him a stand out model. Through this series of photos you can see that his talent is raw, un-touched and is a complete natural in front of the camera.

In the summer, Siyon is moving to California with his family, where he hopes to pursue his modeling career along side his studies. Good luck Siyon.

Writing by Clio Cooper.

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