Portraits of Rory

5 September 2013

Today we have a treat for you in the form of these beautiful images of Rory at Chadwick Models photographed by Aussie girl Jo Duck. This portrait series has such beautiful simplicity, and it's clear that as a photographer Jo isn't afraid to be a little quirky. Even though fashion had a large influence in the images, the series is fun and playful, and we can tell that Rory definitely had a good time during the shoot.

Groomed by Megan Harrison at Assembly and styled by Kate Reynolds from Pageant, the clothes are wearable yet stylish, again with a fun side that is very fitting to the shoot itself. Mixing casual streetwear pieces such as caps by For the Homies and Grand Scheme with more sophisticated pieces by Pageant, Kate Reynolds combines different styles to creates some unique looks. What's great about this series is that it introduces a variety of Australian local brands that we might not be familiar with over on this side of the pond.

Melbourne based photographer Jo Duck has a great ability to capture eye-catching images, and she has produced some stunning photography. Till there is more Jo goodness to enjoy, feast your eyes on the beautiful Rory below!

Above Left: Rory wears Skin, Shirt and Anorak PAGEANT, Denim Jacket SARAH ALESSI
Above Right: Rory wears Sweatshirt and Shorts PAGEANT

Above Left: Rory wears Hat and Sweatshirt GRAND SCHEME, Poncho THE NORTH FACE

Above Left: Rory wears T-Shirt and Shorts GAME, Denim Jacket and Jeans SARAH ALESSI, shoes NEW BALANCE
Above Right: Rory wears Hat FOR THE HOMIES, T-Shirt FROM BRITTEN

Above Right: Rory wears Sweatshirt and Shorts PAGEANT

Words by Justine Hyde-Mobbs.

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