Portraits Of Primo Baker

27 October 2012

Primo Baker (Premier Models) is not your usual 17 year old. And we really mean that in the best way possible. He's absolutely stunning, is an amazing model, he's a talented producer and has charms a plenty!

When he's not being fabulous in front of the camera, Primo spends his time producing music. We previously talked to him about his passion for music, so make sure to get yourself up to speed on your Primo knowledge here (important stuff clearly). In this feature he spoils all the Boys by Girls viewers with some of his music productions, accompanied by some cool videos he put together. Definitely make sure you watch and listen, cause they're super cool! You can find them below surrounded by his pretty face. Also see included a small interview to dig a little deeper.

The images were captured on a sunny Sunday, where he took Cecilie Harris to a few of his favorite local places in West London. The beautiful light on the day, let photographer and model play with light, shadow and colour. Primo is in his own clothes (or possibly some of his dad's).

And just throwing in another reminder that Primo has an editorial coming up in our issue "A Place Called Youth" that's getting really close now! (Teaser: he wears his underwear with icecreams on in it).

Check out Primo's productions:
On YouTube
On Soundcloud

"Primo - Alone" - In this video we see Primo's production showcased in this inspiring video originally titled "RED". The original video was transformed to fit the track.

Tell us a little bit about your music producions and background
I've been producing music for the last year. I started off producing dubstep and recently I've also started working with other genres like house, future garage and drum & bass. My inspirations come from everywhere. I've got mates who produce as well, and we always listen to each other's stuff. My parents are musicians as well.

I only produce what I enjoy, and try to play around with genres and mix them together. I haven't officially released anything yet, but am currently sharing my stuff online where I am building an audience. I also DJ, which goes very well with it.

Regarding later on in life, I'm looking into going to uni and study music. I'm really looking forward to that.

What do you listen to when you want to relax?
My mum brought me up listening to Reggae, she's the biggest reggae fan ever. She has the biggest photo of Bob Marley I've ever seen in my life. Like a billboard photo that takes up the whole wall haha. So I've started bringing some of this influence into my productions now.

At the moment I'm working on a track with a friend who's producing name is Quembit. We did a drum and base track, which you can find included in this Boys by Girls feature.

Yes we've seen that you're using video as a medium to promote your tracks, which we absolutely adore.
I wanted to do a video to match the song I made, so the first thing I did was take a film called "Red" (also included in this feature) which is quite dark. I love putting sound with image, as I think this has more impact. It's quite cinematic, like theme music. It allows me to combine all the elements I love. There is a YouTube channel that is posting up my videos and supporting me and is getting a lot of views, so that's really boosting my confidence.

You grew up in a musical environment
Yes, my parents were very musical, so I've always been surrounded by it. It really made me want to get involved in music. My dad is a musician and my mum worked in music as well. I tried playing a lot of instruments, but none of them really clicked with me. Then one day my mum's friend gave me this music program and I started messing about with it, and that lead me to what I'm doing now. I'm so glad he gave that to me!

What would be your biggest dream?
To inspire other people with my own music, tour the world and see places I've never seen before.

"Primo & Quembit - Memories" - also in this video Primo adapts great footage to fit his wonderful music production. This time he uses Disney Pixar's "Up" (2009), and Carl and Ellies journey and relationship through time. Another genius way to showcase brilliant music.

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