Portraits Of Oscar Boughen

19 March 2015

Piercing eyes alongside an endearing androgynous face; slightly feminine features and curls of blonde untamed hair neatly falling into place. Here we are confronted by Oscar at Premier Models, a boy who appears to be delightfully unaware of his charm and charisma both in front of and behind the camera. He encapsulates an air of 90s youth culture, an era of anarchy, carelessness and of course completely effortless style. Stylist Lucy Alexandra Hamilton taps into this perfectly, using old school brands such as Levis and Adidas, running them alongside more contemporary designs such as American Apparel. Oscar wouldn’t look out of place as a schoolyard heartthrob in any US high school TV show.

BBG photographer Amber Grace Dixon naturally photographs at ease as the carefully put together styling, model, and industrial location work together completely hand in hand. Simple compositions and framing give off a complete Larry Clark feel; completely hand in hand with the Boys by Girls vibe. These beautiful black and white portraits of Oscar are unpretentious and relaxed adding an amazing air of mystery to this boy; Amber leaves you with unanswered questions, hanging onto the ripped seams for more. Try and figure Oscar out for yourself.

Top left: Jacket and shirt by BEYOND RETRO, T-shirt by AMERICAN APPAREL, Trousers by ROKIT, Shoes MODELS OWN.
Top right: T-shirt AMERICAN APPAREL, Jeans LEVI'S.

Above: Jacket by LEE, Shirt by BEYOND RETRO, T-Shirt by AMERICAN APPAREL, Dungaree by OSHKOSH.

Top left: Jacket and shirt by BEYOND RETRO, T-shirt by AMERICAN APPAREL.
Top right: Jumper by ADIDAS, Shirt by ROKIT.

Top left: Jacket by LEE, T-Shirt by AMERICAN APPAREL, Dungaree by OSHKOSH.
Top right: Coat MODELS OWN, Hoodie ROKIT.

Above: Jumper by ADIDAS.

Above left: T-Shirt by AMERICAN APPAREL.
Above right: Suede jacket by BEYOND RETRO, Jumper by ADIDAS, Shirt around waist by BEYOND RETRO, Jeans by LEVIS


Words by Molly Rose Baker.

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