Portraits Of Joshua Moroney

26 November 2012

Another feature to get you in the mood for our upcoming issue release that we have been going on about for a while now. We guarantee that the wait will be worth it! Now only a few days away till you can run to your favorite magazine shop (we will give you stockist list once we have it available) and secure your issue. It is big, it is heavy and is smells good.

As previously mentioned in this teaser, Joshua Moroney at FM Models, will be featured in an exclusive editorial in our "A Place Called Youth" issue. As one of our regulars and absolutely favorite models at the moment, Cecilie Harris took the opportunity to capture a simple portrait series in her studio setting (aka carpark). Wearing a beatiful white shirt by Scandinavian designer brand Molotov, mixed in with his own wardrobe, Joshua gives us another showcase of why we love him so much.

"I'm capturing all my favorite models in my studio setting at the moment. At some point I'm sure I'll do something special with it all, so want to make sure that I have captured everyone I enjoy working with at the moment in this setting. The simple setting in the location really allows for the model's strengths to be showcased in a unique lighting setup." (Cecilie Harris)

Make sure to keep checking in for upcoming features on Joshua.

Above and below: Joshua wears shirt by Molotov.


Joshua Moroney_NS26
Joshua Moroney_NS27
Joshua Moroney_NS28
Joshua Moroney_NS29
Joshua Moroney_NS30
Joshua Moroney_NS31
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