Portraits Of Jack Lankford

28 March 2014

When Jack Lankford at Next Models London strolled so comfortably and casually into the BBG headquaters, we didn't know what to expect. Making himself at home instantly, so much so that Tilly couldn't help but fall in love with his long flowing hair in her kitten sort of way. Luckily our laid back boy from Kansas didn't mind some scratches from our kitten, according to Jack it was a sign of love.

Shot by Boys by Girls editor-in-chief Cecilie Harris, this series is kept simple to focus on the beauty of Jacks chissled cheekbones as the natural sunlight bathes Jack and emphasises his classically strong features.

Only having a short time to shoot, Jack's strength truly shines through. He is a true model with an actors soul, understanding and creating his character before the lense.

Cecilie has captured Jacks strong and animalistic character; that exudes with confidence. Immediately serene in front of the camera, Jack creates natural movements, performing and commiting to instinctive movements that allow his beauty to really stand out and be powerful.

Words by Cat Wilding

Jack Lankford1
Jack Lankford2
Jack Lankford3
Jack Lankford4
Jack Lankford5
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