Portraits of Henry Stambler

11 February 2015

Towering gloriously over thousands of tourists and citizens are never ending blocks of mountainous buildings. In the depths of the the city that never sleeps, people chase their dreams down the narrow sidewalk, their heart encapsulated in the concrete jungle.

Photographer Irem Harnak takes to the hollow paths of New York to capture Henry in his commonplace. Uncluttered frames create this photo series as the smooth lines in every image create focal points for the New York Model's boy. Away from the commotion Irem is able to capture some beautiful shots unchallenged by the busy location. Henry has the ability to allow himself to fill an empty space and sway all the attention so that the primary focus is on him. A well-lit environment adds a further freedom already felt in the open space.

Henry has the ability to harmoniously portray an unlimited sense of confidence, yet at the same time a hint of intriguing naivety, intertwining a playful mix of both in the photos below.

Words by Rachel Abebrese.

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