Portraits Of Emmanuel

7 February 2014

Photographer Bettina Genten has captured a lovely portrait series for Boys by Girls, featuring Emmanuel Ryngaert from Dominique Models.

Photographed in Liège on a Nikon F3 this series is raw, captivating and sensitive, heightened by the grainy textures and yellow hues. Bettina captured Emmanuel in an honest and relaxed manner, reflecting his laid back persona. Her delicate use of natural light is lovely as it bounces off Emmanuel’s bare skin, creating intimate shadows across his body. The series portrays Emmanuel at ease as he exudes boyish confidence, yet Bettina has managed to capture his sensitivity and vulnerability in a beautiful way.

Emmanuel has been modelling for a few years, while he also studies fashion design - making it all the more interesting to watch him on a photo shoot. He says he has a love/hate relationship with fashion and modeling; "I hate the whole 'buzz' around fashion", he explains. "There is a lot of fake in fashion, but there is also a lot of love and heart in it. The same with modelling. I dont see myself as a model, but I love doing it."

Emmanuel has dressed himself in classically cool brands, such as Raf Simons and Addias. The juxtaposition between the urban, dynamic pieces against the grey rooftop works well and compliments Emmanuel ‘s youthful energy and style.

Photography by Bettina Genten.
Words by Megan Gisborne.

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