Portraits Of Andy Leaf

31 July 2014

The wonderfully kooky and creative Andy Leaf is photographed by Elizabeth Burns as she captures a fun loving set of images reflecting the model's unique character and personal style. Andy most definitely does not have a 'typical' look, and we were intrigued with his ghostly pale skin and saurcer like eyes, putting him in his own catergory of a sort of biwitching beauty.

Shot on 35mm film, Burns' playful and experimental approach to colour and exposure makes for an offbeat and artistic set of images. The tones of the images are reminiscent of lomography style photographs, adding a trendy tone to the series. Elizabeth has reflected Andy's delicate, androgynous features through her range of colour, whilst also contrasting the pretty against the gritty with the urban setting.

As well as modelling, Andy is also a painter and art enthusiast. His work portray's themes of childhood and is inspired by bright colours. His fantasy-like, Japanese inspired drawings, are strikingly strange and unique pieces of art. You can find Andy's wonderful wacky artwork here.

Words by Lottie Turner.

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