Portraits of Alexey at D1 Models

21 June 2013

Alexey at D1 Models is a fine display of Russian male beauty. The strong facial structure and distinguishing features that we've come to expect from Russian male models are all present in Alexey. He currently lives in New York, but we were lucky enough to catch up with him during his time in London and took the opportunity to get him in for some camera fun.

In keeping with Alexey's natural charms we visited Battersea Park where Cecilie Harris captured the charming D1 boy in the spring sunshine. The fun loving model took great pleasure in scaling trees and generally making the most of the rare English sun! These playful moments were photographed beautifully on polaroid film from The Impossible Project.

Alexey's claim to fame is his regular comparison to pop sensation David Bowie! If you are curious, visit his portfolio on the D1 Models website, and you'll know what we mean. Alexey's look has also been described as “poetic” and “arrestingly beautiful.”

Alexey portrays a beauty that is unique, whilst still evoking the memories of classic Russian style. This fusion of originality and tradition is something we are very drawn to. We very much looking forward to seeing what Alexey gets up to whilst he is in London.

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