Philip in video by Taryn Wilsea

14 February 2012

Philip Ellis is one of those inspiringly creative souls. We recently sent him a gift, which only Philip would appreciate. A book bought in an art gallery in Copenhagen for children above three years old. Philip was ecstatic and thought it was brilliant. This is only one of the reasons we adore him.

In this awesome fashion short by Taryn Wilsea, we get to see a very cool side of Phil. The idea behind the video was inspired by the character Sickboy from Trainspotting, and is meant to depict the two fundamental sides to Sickboys personality; the slick con artist and the down and out drug addict.

India Hobson recently shot Philip for our book "Closer", which you can check out the preview for here. Book is available to buy here.

Philip Ellis_NS1
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