Now You See Me

8 October 2015

Another day. You unbutton your shirt and burrow yourselves into the white sheets that have missed you just as much as you have missed them. You’ve finally arrived in your space. The space where you can express youself and breathe freely. The space where you can lie in bed while your mind goes off the spectrum. Your body falls into a natural state of ease, as you drag your fingertips through your hair that once sat with precision. It’s that time, momentarily, to disconnect from the world.

Photographer Alina Negoita photographs Ben Archer at IMG Models in an intimate portrait series where he is captured in those raw moments, the kinds that are impossible to recreate. Alina maintains a rare talent of allowing each frame to flow with effortlessness. It requires skill and mutual understanding to gain a meaningful connection between the photographer and the model, as well as the camera lens. Something Alina playfully brings together cinematically.

Who needs words when everything around you is a blur? It’s just you and these photographs. These little snippets of your life that will live on, framed. Let yourself question it, as the answer can be anything you want it to be.

Words by Vilija Kasiginaite.

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