Nothing But Thieves For Issue 8

19 June 2015

Still our favourite infectious sounds that we play on repeat, we meet again with Nothing But Thieves for Issue 8 after featuring lead singer Conor in Issue 7. This time around Joe Langridge-Brown, described as "the word guy" by Cecilie Harris, becomes the subject of her lens for our latest print issue "The Trouble With Boys". Sharing his wisdom as the day unfolds, we learn that he is happiest when his music is inspiring others. Joe takes us on a journey, shedding light on where his catchy word inspirations come from and his friendship with Conor. You are quickly taken down memory lane to brother-like, rebellious days.

"I've always struggled with unfairness and unjustness, which is something that I can see coming through in our music."

As giggles are shared over cups of tea, Cecilie captures his tranquil essence through images at his London flat. She digs into Joe's story growing up, exploring his troubles and what makes him tick. With his distinctive and unqiue style in creates impactful lyrics, Joe is key to Nothing But Thieves and the impact they are making in the industry at the moment. Already having toured the UK this year and across Europe, and released their new single "Itch" 10th of May, regularly played on UK radio stations, we are excited to see the release of their album later on this year.

And as we leave Joe's spotless flat (except from the messy corner with the overload of music equipment), he advises us to simply smell the flowers. Simple, but rather great advise when you think about it. Thanks Joe, we will take that with us forever.

You can see the full feature with the handsome Joe in Issue 8, which is available in stores and online now.

Grooming CARL STANLEY using Nars and Paul Mitchell LUXURY HAIRCARE
Talent Joe Langridge-Brown, NOTHING BUT THIEVES

Words by Vilija Kasiginaite.

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