Niki In Blue

28 June 2012

As you might have heard on the grapevine or whispered in hallways, we are working on our third book at the moment. After the release of "Closer" last year, we wanted to work on another publication that continues the direction from our last book.

This publication will be called "A Place Called Youth" and puts all focus on the young male. We continue to capture the boys in intimate and natural environments, and look to capture "boys" at this point in time. The book will provide variety, a set of absolutely amazing boys that we have handpicked to be part of it, and have three female photographers contributing. Some stories are fashion focused with awesome designers being represented, and others focus on the boy alone.

Over the summer we will be revealing who we have captured, so that you can get excited about their upcoming "A Place Called Youth" features. We are still in the process of shooting and expect to have around 20 boys to present to you in the final release. Over half way, we wanted to start introducing you to the boys we have been working with. We can not tell you how excited we are about about this publication, and at the moment we are very much enjoying the journey.

First out we have a Boys by Girls fave, Niki Burton at Select Model Management. It made much sense to bring Niki into this one, as having already been welcomed into the world of Boys by Girls, we wanted to get even more underneath the surface of his wonderful personality and stunning looks. Shot by Georgie Wileman, she teases you with a little polaroid series here, to remind us how much we love Niki. Note that these images are not in the book, as we wanted to save all those goodies to release time.

To view some of our earlier editorials with Niki, you can check out "Easily Led", "To My Words" and "The 4th Floor - Chapter 8".

Niki B_NS10
Niki B_NS111
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