Niki Burton For APCY

3 January 2013

Oh hey there, Niki Boy! Yes, as we continue with our previews of the new issue ‘A Place Called Youth’ we present you with another shoot from super talented Boys by Girls photographer, Georgie Wileman. So here is an exclusive glimpse at Georgie’s a 6-page editorial featuring Niki Burton at Select Model Management.

Shooting in Niki’s own family home, Georgie spent the day photographing this lovely boy amidst meeting his entire, equally as lovely family (Nan and little brother included!) and enjoying a full English breakfast and a cup of tea at the local caff, half way through the shoot. How very civilised!

We did in fact show you a teaser of this exclusive shoot a few months ago when we posted polaroids that Georgie had taken of Niki during the day of the shoot; so if you haven’t seen those make sure you go and check them out here. Meanwhile the editorial was shot by Georgie on colour film, the full six pages you can find in our fouth issue. Click here to find out about stockists and online orders.

Niki Burton_NS19
Niki Burton_NS20
Niki Burton_NS21
Niki Burton_NS22
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