Nick Radley In New York

31 December 2014

A city is full of people searching, attempting to find themselves within crowds of lost individuals. We call it home, but it often feels so cold and distant. In the quiet, suburban corners of New York we meet Nick Radley (Adam Models). This is not his home, but his charming warmth has us believe it is.

Together with Leila Jacue, Nick commands an engaging story between a boy and the outdoors. She captures him in a naturally endearing way, allowing the honesty of daylight to create soft contrasts and clean colours. His luminous beauty is complimented by brick walls, architectural curves and earthly surroundings. David Leon accompanies the narrative with a mellow styling; simple yet classical to make his character into an admiral boy.

There are moments of justness to these portraits; no people, no drama, no thoughts, just existing. This seems almost impossible in a busy city, but we need to allow ourselves to get lost for a while. Be inspired to explore with little awareness of where you’ll end up. Enjoy the unknown.

Words by Tim Sprague.

Nick Radley11
Nick Radley2
Nick Radley3
Nick Radley4
Nick Radley5
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