New York Boys

12 July 2013

New York City is known as one of the greatest cities in the world, full of youthfulness, independence, and aspiration. Photographer Kelsea Kosko was fueled for her recent portrait series, shot for Boys by Girls, from living inside the city of dreams. The images capture three young boys; Charles, Zach and Max, as they cross the same path as Kelsea whilst travelling from different places, ending up in the same place.

Kelsea wanted to showcase their free spirits and capture the real essence surrounding them, as they start their own journeys. The beginning of any journey marks a time when creativity is endless, and dreams can be as big as you make them. The images bring you back to a time when you are living free, without worries, and without regrets.

What adds to the beauty of the images is that the rebellious looking young boys are Kelsea's close friends, bringing a unique intimacy and bond to the images. In addition to her portraits, we showcase Kelsea's film interviews of Charles and Zach, give us all a more personal look into their character. Kelsea describes the interviews as messages and ideas the boys want to relay to the world."

We loved satisfying our craving with these images and video interviews, and getting another taste of the big apple.

Charles Cellier

Kelsea greeted Charles on his rooftop for their shoot, and they then took a walk to a local garden. She first met Charles through a New York Model Management casting she was doing for her friends' local magazine. They instantly clicked. Naturally the day of their shoot was filled with laughs, as they captured Charles in a place that expresses his individual personality and rebelious look.

Zachary T. Merritt (Zach)

Zach is a passionate artist based in Brooklyn. Kelsea and Zach met through a common friend, and now being great friends themselves, Kelsea was able to bring a great personal connection to the portrait series she captured for Boys by Girls. With his mysterious look and gentle posing, Kelsea was able to bring a real volunerability to these images. Zach has an impressive array of talents, including painting, photography and writing/playing music. You can check out some of his work here.

Kolter Maximilian Hodgson (Max)

21 year old Max is an illustrator and muralist, with a passion to travel. Kelsea tells us that Max has lived in quite a few places before coming to New York City, such as Mexico, California, and Hawaii, soaking up the culture from each unique place he has lived to develop and inspire his unique style.

Words by Wyatt McCollum.

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