New Face: Sam At Storm

25 June 2014

Photographer Catharina Pavitschitz photographs Sam at Storm Models in this edgy collection of images for BBG. Sam has a quiet beauty to him, with a stunning simplicity and gazing green eyes. His beauty is showcased as he moves effortlessly in this series to capture the full effect of the designs.

This series showcases styles from the graduate collection of Zachariah Simons, an LCF student who will be graduating this year. They are inspired by the ‘cut and paste’ technique prescribed in Tristan Tzara’s “How To Make a Dadaist Poem”, and the collection explores the tension between modern and postmodern design by using collage to combine form with functionality. It also looks at the theme of chaos, rebellion and disorder in personification of these principles. The collection is in the pursuit of a luxury collection that seeks heritage in classic menswear garments through its referencing of military and utilitarian uniform from the use of zips and dark colour palette.

The photography mirrors this with a cut and paste feel to the images, using a studio set up that can be seen in full as well as the contrast between film and digital photographs. We also see a mix of different set ups and angles, which only exaggerate the disorder and postmodern aesthetic of the designs. There is a rawness to the outdoor series, and the blue crisp skies contrast against the moody dark colour palette of the garments. Sam displays the collection perfectly with his simple poses, not to detract from Zachariah's modern collection.

Words by Rosie Williams.

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