New Face: Roland At Pholk

5 November 2014

Early September afternoon light rises amongst the urban setting of East Oslo. A relaxed looking Roland at Pholk Models, arrives; his jeans varnished with paint, already inflaming interest to observers, and a silent air of self-confidence surrounding him. As an aspiring painter currently studying at Strykejernet School of art, he clearly spends most of his spare time tangled in his own mind, imprinting his thoughts into paper.

Also born and raised in Norway, photographer, Sigrid Bjorbekkmo, bounces off Roland’s obvious creative flare, delicately composing this beautiful set of images, fusing light and shadows together. The way Sigrid freezes light upon Roland’s porcelain skin sets off an aura of undisturbed serenity that meanders through the blue hues. His boyish combination of a loose, casual t-shirt and paint-strewn jeans give us a punk-esque feeling reminiscient of Roland's second home: Art school.

The fairer side of Roland’s charm is shown in these images, and as only onlookers we are drawn to him, wanting to see more of him to be further drawn into his world. Sigrid Bjorbekkmo has visibly connected with him, quietly understanding his soft yet charming nature, in a way that Sigrid is becoming a master of.

Words by Molly Baker.

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