New Face: Morgan At D1 Models

3 July 2014
Photographer Paola Vivas captures great new face Morgan Perreault at D1 Models in a charming series mixing monochromatic and colourful pictures. Shot in the studio with make up artist Bridie Tyler, the series screams minimalism, however with clever styling and use of colour it oozes modernism with an urban twist.
There's definitely a lot more to Morgan than a pretty face and his envious glossy locks. Currently living his childhood dream here in London, Texas boy Morgan has a passion for art and music (as well as instagram selfies). Either spending time watching movies curled up in front of the telly or head banging to Skillex, he is definitely a good time guy with plenty of hopes for the future.
Morgan's bowl hair cut, high cheek bones and scattered freckles make for the perfect image, however matched with his charming sense of humour and charisma in front of the camera it makes for something quite unique. We wish you all the luck for the future Morgan, and make sure you pop round to the office for a cup of tea and biccy soon.

Words by Mollie Smee.

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