New Face: Kyran At FM Models

5 February 2014

This week, photographer Paola Vivas introduces us to Kyran at FM Models in a beautifully raw and monochromatic series. Photographed in a relaxing home environment, a range of sensitive emotions are explored through the portraits.

Kyran’s favourite quote ‘Aspire to create’ is referenced in the céltic tattoos that meander across his arms, his loosely styled hair and deep eyes giving off a slight ‘rugged boy’ charm. Powered by the light coming into the window, allowing Paola to create atmospheric photos, as Kyran is rocking the floor. Kyran loves meeting creative people, and would like to work in the creative industry.

In the serene moments captured with Kyran, a captivating aura of youth and mystery is present. A couple of polaroids snuck into a digital series, as little secrets that reveals that little bit more. Styled in his own clothing and with an air of calm, we’re invited into Kyran’s world for just a moment in this series.

Words by Sophie Mayanne.

Kyran FMLondon-1_-2
Kyran FMLondon-21
Kyran FMLondon-21
Kyran FMLondon-3-1
Kyran FMLondon-3--
Kyran FMLondon-39
Kyran FMLondon-5
Kyran FMLondon-6
Kyran FMLondon-381
Kyran FMLondon-8--
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