New Face: Kris At AMCK

11 December 2013

Sometimes beauty comes in the simplest of forms, and today you are in for a treat as we bring you a captivating black and white series of Kris at AMCK Models, shot by Sara Gilmer.

Originally from Ireland, Sara moved down to London to pursue her passion of photography and video. She embraces imperfections, capturing organic moments that stem from deep inside. It's not just about a pretty face or a perfect smile - Sara likes to capture the in between moments, searching for a different kind of beauty and uniqueness.

Kris has just the look to play off Sara's natural photographic style - his eyes reflect more depth than the eye can see and his pure skin tone and solemn look are what draw us in the most. Kris is currently at university and plans to balance out his studies whilst also pursuing his modelling career. Since joining AMCK, Kris has modelled New York cap brand New Era - and we are sure this isn't that last time you'll be seeing his face.

Sara stripped back the shoot without styling nor grooming; a white background, plain tee and classic jeans is all you need when it comes to someone as naturally gorgeous as Kris.

Words by Justine Hyde-Mobbs.

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