New Face: James At Nevs Models

23 April 2014

This week, we introduce you to the youthful innocence of James Newhouse who is signed to Nevs Models. Boys by Girls photographer Cecilie Harris has taken a very simple approach in capturing James’ quiet beauty. Instantly drawn into his strong gaze, quietly yet confidently gazing out at you.

By tightly focusing on James and using clean and minimalistic lines within the images, Cecilie has created a series that wonderfully shows off James’ strong and soulful look. Leaving styling and grooming out of this series, she has given James the space to put his natural beauty in focus. With his beautiful full lips, always curved at the edges in a slight smile, to the confidence he possess within these calm and collected cinematic moments. We are captivated and definitely looking forward to seeing more of him in the future.

There is that little bit of magic about James that it's hard to put words to. Maybe it's the elfin ears, or the fact he looks like the younger brother of a previous model we worked with. Or the fact that relatively new to the camera, he was easily able to get into characther and create little moments to be captured.

Words by Cat Wilding

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