Portraits Of James at Major

6 March 2019

Photographer Barbara Anastacio takes us on a beatnick adventure through the streets of New York with Major Model's boy James Frazier. Styled in all vintage clothing James brings a classic elegance to the series, creating a captivating and unmissable aura.

Barbara explores the streets of the city to create dramatic and poignant backdrops. Using expressive colours and bold, sharp lines she firmly holds our gaze, creating a sense of curiousity about what lies beyond the frame.

James oozes a broody charm and reinforces the strong, yet playful energy of the series. His ability to move and interact with the space around him is reflected through consitent warm tones in the series. His strength and attitude, combined with an authentic sense of style and Norkiko Takayama's grooming synthesizes into this beautifully dynamic final result.

You can also see some of Barbara's work in issue 7, which we will share a preview of in a few weeks time, so make sure to check back in then.

Words by Shannei Rae Brown.

James Frazier1
James Frazier2
James Frazier3
James Frazier
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