New Face: Elvis At FM Models

19 February 2014

Framed by simple surroundings, new face Elvis at FM Models exudes a sense of casual cool in this effortless monochromatic series captured by photographer Paola Vivas. With a modern encapsulating beauty, we have fallen for Elvis’ boyish charm.

That hair. You know what we're saying? As modern as can be, yet a charming oldfashion way about it. Sometimes there is nothing more powerful than black and white photography, and this series let's our eyes dance from Elvis flowing hair, to his stunning cheekbones and slender body. Then there is is his undeniably cool name.

Originally hailing from Germany, Elvis now resides in London. Having previously walked for names such as Margaret Howell, Richard Nicoll and Xander Zhou he has an exciting future ahead, but for now - let’s let the images do the talking.

Photography by Paola Vivas

Words by Sophie Mayanne.

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